Indonesian planifolia beans

Indonesian planifolia beans

Indonesian Vanilla Beans are sweet with a unique smoky/woody flavor. The flavor is perfect for richer desserts and recipes that call for chocolate, caramel, or other deep flavors.


Specification :

Product Specification

Type Indonesian Vanilla Beans extraction grade
Place of Origin Indonesia
Description Black Brown Colour, Smoky , woody, less creamy, sweet and , delicate  flavour.
Sizes 11 – 15cm
Moisture Content 12-15%
Vanilin content Min 1 %
Packaging 20 /25kg New brown Carton bag With Paper in the inner and Plastic Outer
Payment Letter of Credit (LC) or Bank Transfer (TT)



Indonesian gourmet beans


Type Indonesian premium gourmet beans
Description Properly cured, Black Colour . Oily, shiny . Strong Aromatic flavour
length 12-20cm

depending on customer request

Moisture Content  28-35%
Packaging 1/3/5kg in tight plastic sealed vacuumed
Payment Letter of Credit (LC) or Bank Transfer (TT)