Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Beans

is the most unique agricultural products that indonesian country has.

OUR COMPANY has more than  30 years of experience working with Indonesian vanilla farmers all across the nation.

We are one of the oldest of Indonesian company that remain exist after the crashed in vanilla prices back in 2004.

We were one of the few companies in Indonesia that remained buying after that 2004-till now.

During the hardest period of vanilla beans in 2004-2015, our company mainly focusing on helping the local farmers from the dropping of vanilla prices, by buying their vanillas .

We then collecting, grading, packaging and storing the vanilla beans in best storage environment.

During the peak demand of vanilla beans, we are one of the company that are able to gain the best competitive advantage .

We are one of the company that been able to change the bad image of  Indonesian vanilla beans which used to be very famous of its indonesian cuts  in vanilla industry by providing the highest grade of indonesian vanilla beans ever has in the entire  Indonesian vanilla beans history.